Laurie Johnson

Christmas Decor Lake Tahoe Style

Tis' the season to deck your halls Lake Tahoe style!

A Lake Tahoe Christmas is something really special. Resort home buyers especially love their first Christmas at Lake Tahoe. There is a rustic feel to the way homes are decorated for the holidays. Below are a few ideas to add a touch of flair to your cabin or home at Lake Tahoe.

Citrus Garland

The smell of a fresh pine garland is a great way to bring the surrounding landscape into your home.  Why not snowshoe through the forest and grab clippings to bring home? Be sure to take them from several trees so the pines are not disturbed or left ragged. Choose a variety of douglas fir, cedar and bull pine. You may even find a few willow sprigs to wire into the wreath you create. To add a unique design and the lovely scent of citrus, consider wiring lemon and oranges throughout the branches. You can find sticks with wires that will secure the fruit into your Christmas garland. On the last day of your vacation - remove the fruit and squeeze it for fresh juice!

Ginger Bread Old Tahoe Cabins

Tahoe is known for its Old Tahoe style cabins and why not invite the children to decorate Ginger Bread Cabins? You can purchase the houses in the local stores, or bake them yourself. Create a little community of houses and be sure to get plenty of white frosting for snow! Use small candies to carry a colorful theme throughout the Ginger Bread town. Placed on a table, surrounded by poinsettias - you will have a true winter wonderland.

Rustic Wrappings for Presents

Forget bringing rolls of colorful Christmas wrapping paper. Just bring a roll of brown paper. If you can find used brown paper bags, all the better. Use twine or rustic ribbons and finish your Christmas gifts with actual sprigs of pine.

Rustic Tahoe Style Place Setting

Our local stores offer rustic table settings. Chargers made from real pine make a perfect Tahoe place setting.  Use cinnamon sticks and fresh pine, wrapping your napkins with twine. You can use fresh holly found in the surrounding landscape, or bring cranberries or other berries to sprinkle amidst the garland center piece. Use real pine and berries.  Beyond the visual beauty of what you create - consider that the smell will be a work of art too.

Edible Tahoe Pine Cones

How about edible chocolate pine cones for dessert? You can serve these alone and sprinkled with powdered sugar, or served on top of ice cream and smothered in chocolate sauce. Click here for the cooking directions.

My favorite part of helping buyers and sellers with their real estate needs is knowing how much their life is enhanced by owning a home at Lake Tahoe. Your children may leave home, but your grandchildren will bring them back to you. I can help you find a place at Tahoe to welcome them all. Contact me today. Happy Holidays!




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