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The Meaning Behind Keep Tahoe Blue

Keep Tahoe Blue

The League to Save Lake Tahoe

What is the meaning of  Keep Tahoe Blue? Perhaps you have bumper sticker on your car or have heard the slogan. The slogan is associated with the League to Save Lake Tahoe, an organization dedicated to protecting and restoring the environmental health, sustainability, and scenic beauty of the Lake Tahoe Basin. They emphasize water quality and clarity, and work to ensure the preservation of the lake for future generations.

Tahoe Regional Planning Agency

The League to Save Lake Tahoe was instrumental in creating Lake Tahoe's first unified planning agency. The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, or TRPA operates under the authority of the states of California and Nevada.

TRPA uses two main tools to protect and restore Lake Tahoe:

  • An Environmental Improvement Program of restoration projects to heal past damage to the ecosystem.
  • A regulatory program that works to minimize the impact of developed properties on the watershed.

TRPA works with other organizations, agencies, realtors and many private property owners to implement the above programs. They spearheaded the deployment of Best Management Practices, a plan to reduce impacts of development on Lake Tahoe’s water quality. These best practices are required on all developed public and private properties within the Lake Tahoe Region and reduce soil erosion and storm water runoff. It is important to work with a realtor that can help you navigate local ordinances such as the Best Management Practices required to transfer property ownership.

Aquatic Invasive Species

All boats must be inspected and cleared prior to being used on Lake Tahoe. Aquatic invasive species include weeds, clams, snails, mussels and even warm water fish. All threaten Lake Tahoe in a number of ways. When invasive species are introduced to an ecosystem like Lake Tahoe, they can degrade and impact water quality, habitat of native species, and clog dams. All of this will have a negative economic impact on the Lake Tahoe Region.

Forest Fuel Reduction

The threat of a catastrophic wildfire at Lake Tahoe is a top concern for TRPA and the entire community. TRPA initiated a plan of action that will implement Basin-wide actions that address fuel hazards and community protection. The Aquatic Invasive Species and Forest Fuel Reduction are good examples of how partnerships in the Tahoe Basin are driving public safety improvements, environmental protection and restoration.

TRPA receives direction on decisions from a Governing Board and Advisory Planning Commission. They also receive direction from many stakeholders and members of the public.  The Agency reports on their activities regularly to the Nevada and California state legislatures. Lakefront buyer and sellers will work closely with TRPA on any changes that are proposed for the property.

Keeping Lake Tahoe Blue

In 1987, The League to Save Lake Tahoe successfully advocated for limited development on wetlands and steep slopes. Urban boundaries were establish in 1993. They led the effort to ban two stroke jet skis in 1999. To preserve the headwaters of Tahoe's longest river, they banned grazing in Meiss Meadows in 2002.

What You Can Do

There are ways you can Keep Tahoe Blue. Become aware of invasive species, irrigation runoff or car pollutants when living in or visiting Lake Tahoe. Ensure that your boat is inspected for invasive species and mussels prior to using it on Lake Tahoe. Ride your bike or use the Summer Trollies to get around the lake.

As your real estate adviser, I can help you understand the importance of TRPA's Best Management Practices to control erosion and runoff on your property. There are many nuances and ordinances that ensure that the basin is protected and working with a knowledgeable agent will ensure that your transaction is stress free.

The efforts of these organizations have been tremendously successful. The pristine clarity of Lake Tahoe should never be taken for granted. Scientists continue to monitor and educate the public on new threats. Together, with organizations like TRPA and The League to Save Lake Tahoe, the rules ensure that we Keep Lake Tahoe Blue. If you have any questions about TRPA and it's lakefront property ownership impacts, contact me today!



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