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First Time Home Buyers Housing Grant HOA Dues Paid


C.A.R.’s Housing Affordability Fund’s Homeowners Association Grant Program will provide qualified first time California homebuyers up to six months of HOA dues, not to exceed $2,500.  C.A.R.’s Housing Affordability Fund’s has allocated one million dollars towards this program.

How to  qualify?
• Homebuyers must use a California REALTOR® in the transaction (REALTORS® must apply on behalf of their client)
• Purchase a primary single family residence* in California with the intent to occupy the property as your primary residence for 2 years
• Be a first-time homebuyer*
• Buy a home with applicable HOA dues/fees
• You must have used financing to purchase the single-family dwelling
• The purchase price of the Single-Family Dwelling* must not exceed 150% of the mortgage limit set by the FHA for one-family units in the county in which the Single-Family Dwelling* is located

Please note: HAF must receive all program requirements no later than thirty (30) days after closing escrow.

Please Visit our Frequently asked document, definitions of single family residence and first-time homebuyer.


REALTORS® must complete a program application and certification form on behalf of their client.

The program application and certification form, along with closing disclosure must be send to HAF, to the email address
listed on the application, no later than thirty (30) days after closing escrow

The program application and certification form along with rules and conditions for HAF’s Homeowners Association Grant Program are available in zipForm® under the HAF Library.

Need additional help? Visit HAF's Homeowners Association Grant Program Frequently Asked Questions.




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