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Electric Bike Share Truckee

Cruising around Truckee, and the amazing trails that connect Donner Lake to Glenshire is the best way to avoid traffic congestion. Bike rentals are nothing new in Truckee. However, now, you will find electric bike rental stations throughout the town.

BCycle is an industry leader in electric bike share operations. They provide the infrastructure and equipment used in communities around the country. Approved by the Town of Truckee, at the end of June 2023, they launched their business in Truckee.

Pedal Assist Electric Bikes

Pedal-assist electric bikes are a great way to cover more distance with less effort. They work much like conventional bikes, so are a great choice for those who enjoy cycling. However, the difference is that they come with an 'assist' mode that provides a boost as you are pedal.

In many ways it feels like riding a bike, but you just get way more power as you pedal.

The electric bikes, which feature a pedal-assist motor that propels riders up to a maximum assist of 17 mph, can be found and unlocked from docking stations using the BCycle mobile app.

Riders can also use the BCycle app to plan bike-safe routes to their destination and find open docks to return their bike upon completion of their environmentally friendly trip.

Truckee Locations

The initial phase of the new Truckee BCycle system will feature 50 pedal-assist electric bikes. They can be checked out from 100 docks, which are clustered at stations throughout Truckee.

The good news is that BCycle plans to introduce more docking stations throughout the community in the future. Stations will be located from Donner Lake to the Truckee River Legacy trailhead in Glenshire.

“We are extremely excited to be launching bike share in Truckee,” said Brian Conger, BCycle’s Executive Director. “Not only will it introduce a fun recreation option for residents and visitors but will also provide a convenient and eco-friendly transportation option for local commuters.”

The bike share system is scheduled to operate yearly from May through October, weather permitting. They will pause operations during the winter months.

BCycle is committed to making Truckee a more bike-friendly community. They provide safe and sustainable transportation alternatives that encourage residents and visitors to give electric bikes a try.

For more information, download the BCycle app or visit to learn more.

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